The stadium recreations on FIFA Coins

Playing FIFA Coins for sale on a high difficulty is a painful experience, because regardless of whether it's a team of three stars or five, the AI will simply not let you play. In the "World Class" difficulty, we finished the vast majority of matches with less possession than the opponent, even after sending the team on-field with the specific strategy of keeping the ball. The problem is that the fastrsgameandfifa is excellent at regaining possession of the ball and then can exchange it easily in both defense and midfield. This will force you to chase and tackle like a mad man trying to recover it until you quickly turn it over again. It's too frustrating and it's not a direction we feel EA needs to take when balancing the difficulty settings. We don't think it should be getting harder and harder, but more realistic. A difficulty setting and an AI should represent a team's real value in a proper manner, not one where everyone plays like Barcelona.

FIFA 16 is pretty, with detailed player animations, authentic and accurate kits, balls, player models, and stadium recreations. The soundtrack is stellar, as well. Career mode hasn't changed too much outside of these updates. The scouting network for current players has had no changes made to it, which isn't a bad thing. Contract negotiations and such has also received no real change, which I'm disappointed in, especially in player career mode. If contract length is a huge sticking point in, why isn't it included on the player side? Especially if a player decides to start his career with his favorite club and never wants to leave.

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